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Rain, Gentle Rain Drop

Hello gentle rain drop
Thanks for visiting me again
I love the way you tickle my skin
As you roll off my hand

I wonder where you have been?
Seconds ago you were soaring in the sky
Soon you will trickle through the moss and rocks and soil
To join others in the little flowing stream

You have been through the seven seas
Have you seen Moby Dick?
And Captain Ahab
Is he still with The Whale?

Who else have you seen?
Were you with Christ the day he died?
Were you a drop that eased his thirst?
Or were you part of His body?

And Buddha, and Lao Tsu,
Or Mohammed or John Lennon
Were you with them too?
Did they know you passed through?

Farewell gentle rain drop
Thanks for visiting me again
And thanks for sharing
Your Eternal journey flow.

Greg Dixon
Good Friday, 1998