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A Place In The World

One morning I did the Sounds initiation exercise from Julia Cameron's Right to Write book. The exercise is to have some of your favourite music playing while you write about an ideal life in in terms of:

Work life
Living space
Travel / Adventure
Creative projects

In many of these areas I am truly blessed.

The albums I played when writing were The Eagles' Greatest Hits and Eva Cassidy's Songbird.

The album I wanted to play when I finished writing was Mary Chapin Carpenter's A Place In The World. I listened to the whole album while lying in bed.

In many ways - lyrics, sentiments, mix of fun, spirituality, arrangements, instrumentation, emotional communication - is where I would be musically some day. I have been working on the pieces on and off. It was part of the "gone painting" plan.

The song A Place In The World always seems to speak to me:

Maybe my place is not so far away and already here. Or maybe I am still looking for it. Maybe I will always be wondering that.

Mary Chapin Carpenter's work (and Neil Young, Amos Lee, ...) feels like a personal mission, mostly created like a solitary artist in the studio until ready to share with the world.

If you do not already have it, I highly recommend listening to the entire album. I think you will like it. Some of the songs I would be tempted to learn are I Want To Be Your Girlfriend , What If We Went to Italy, and Sudden Gift of Fate .

Or maybe it is better to write my own songs inspired by these and let Mary have her own songs :-)