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A Long and Varied Musical Journey

I began playing drums in grade eight and played with a decent band in high school called Elygra (Argyle spelled backwards). We played an entertaining mix of original songs, Eagles, Rolling Stones, and other pop-rock adventures. Our highlight was to open for Trouper at an Argyle dance.

Future decades saw hobbie and professional work with bands such as Roadwork, Primal Scream (local), Strange Bedfellows, Blazing Saddles, Randy Morrison Trio, Rush Hour, RetroActive, and others.

I used what I call the Ross Popenoe Method1 to fake my way through playing bass and singing backing vocals with Rush Hour, The Liz Butler Trio, and various casual appearances.

I started song writing with Blazing Saddless. Recent efforts have been to develop guitar, vocal, musicianship, songwriting, and arranging skills. I will get out to do the singer-songwriter thing from time to time and am planning a studio recording of my songs and selected cover songs.

This section will share some of the song lyrics and recordings.

1 Ross was already an accomplished site-reader and musician at age fifteen. He gave the following 30 second advice to me (a drummer).

  1. Play notes on the fifth and sevenths frets, as most pop and rock tunes use these notes.
  2. If a note sounds bad, don't play it again in that song.
  3. Don't stop, as bass is mostly a rhythm instrument.
If I was a better student at the time (again, drummer), Ross would have explained more about chord progressions within a key and playing the root and fifths in the chord with minor or major thirds thrown in as appropriate. Perhaps even some sixths and sevenths. However, it was a few decades before I picked up the bass and tried to learn it. Maybe I should take his '30 minutes to rock greatness' class!