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Midnight On The Prairie
Lyrics to Midnight On The Prairie.

Welcome to the site of Greg Dixon with video, art, writing, photography, and other adventures.

Walking This Path
Lyrics for Walking This Path

Greg Dixon Paintings Video
Learn the story behind the paintings.

Duck in Slough
Alberta inspired painting.

More Projects
A quick survey of other video and website projects.

Recent Reviews:

Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market : The Most Trusted Guide To Selling Your Art
Market for artists and graphic designers, including valuable advice and thousands of listings of places to sell your Illustration, Fine Art, Graphic Design & Cartoons.
The Painter's Keys
A Seminar With Robert Genn

A transcript of a two-day seminar with Robert Genn that includes many valuable insights into the business, motivation, quality, and mindset of being a successful artist.

The Last Days of John Lennon
A person memoir written by a person assistent to John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
Rocket Norton: Lost In Space
The book they said couldn't be written (some said shouldn't be written) is here.

2012 Songwriter's Market
A great collection of markets, resources, and advice for song writers.
Singing For The Stars: A Complete Program for Training Your Voice
A comprehensive course on vocal training from the creator of Speech-Level Singing.

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