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The Last Days of John Lennon

by Frederic Seaman

A person memoir written by a person assistent to John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
Published by Dell Books 1992,  ISBN 0440213436 []
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This book is described as “a personal memoir” by the man who was personal assistant to John Lennon and Yoko Ono for most of the last two years of the reclusive rock star’s life.

Seaman has an axe to grind and its name is Yoko. From the prologue (where the author alleges he was beaten and threatened with death for stealing diaries from the Dakota) through the entire book, Seaman paints a frosty, nasty, utterly irrational and highly controlling picture of Lennon’s missus. In fairness, nothing presented so far in the public record could ever be used to fully refute his claims. And, refreshingly, he does not dwell on Lennon as superman or gifted poet/philosopher as so many writers have through the years. Seaman paints a portrait that is neither flattering nor unflattering of a John Lennon so addled by his insecurities and so fundamentally lazy that he was willing to give complete control of his life over to Yoko and her army of psychics, sycophants and lunatics.

Is it accurate? Maybe. There are few claims so outrageous that they could not be believed. With almost limitless wealth at his disposal, the man who coined the line “Imagine no possessions” allows both himself and his so-called and self-appointed soulmate to buy without pause a horde of things, many of which go straight into storage for all time. When it finally is time to raise his musical head from gazing at his own belly button, Lennon, reluctantly “collaborates” with the talent-free and under-motivated Ono to create the “Double Fantasy” album which many now regard as his legacy. At the time of his death, the album was, in fact, moving quickly towards the remainder bin of your local record store.

The Last Days of John Lennon is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the enigma that was Lennon, himself. There are plenty of Beatle references to keep the fans happy, but at its core is a unsettling story about the abdication of life, of freedom, of accountability.

reviewed by Bill Allman
Sunday, October 7, 2012

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